Trap Registration

Use this service to register as a trap user and if you plan to use a:

  • Larsen trap
  • Larsen mate trap
  • Larsen pod trap
  • multi-catch cage trap

under NatureScot's General Licences:

Registration takes around 5 minutes.

Warning If you previously registered with Police Scotland, you must re-register with NatureScot to continue to use traps.

If you need assistance with this service, contact the NatureScot Licensing Team



  • 01463 725 364
  • Voicemail service. We aim to respond within 2 working days.

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What is a Larsen trap?

A Larsen trap

© The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

A portable cage-trap with a closed compartment to confine a live bird as a decoy. It has one or more capture compartments with spring or gravity activated trap-doors that are either top or side mounted. Traps with one or more capture compartments mounted directly above the decoy compartment are excluded.

What is a Larsen mate trap?

A Larsen mate trap

© The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

A portable spring-operated cage-trap made up of two shell sections hinged along one edge. It's sections are connected by one or more springs kept open by a split-rod/trip-perch (as made by Elgeeco, or an equivalent). When open (set) the minimum distance between two corners of the trap must be 39 cm. The trap must not shut tightly along the majority of its meeting edges.

What is a Larsen pod trap?

A Larsen pod trap

© The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

A portable spring or gravity operated cage-trap. It has a single compartment with either one or two side or top-mounted, spring activated trap-doors that can be set independently.

What is a multi-catch cage trap?

A multi-catch cage trap

© The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

A cage large enough to be entered by the operator. It is covered in mesh and has either a roof-funnel, ground-funnel or a ladder/letterbox entry point, for birds to gain access.

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