Trap Registration - Meat Bait Return

Use this service to provide your annual return if you have registered to use meat baits.​

You will need:​

  • ​your trap registration number​
  • your postcode​
  • year of the return
  • number of traps meat bait was used in​
  • non-target species caught and numbers, trap location and trap type

Once you have entered your trap registration number and postcode you will receive a secure link to continue with your return.​

The link will remain active for 30 minutes.​

Providing your return will take around 5 minutes.​

Warning You must submit an annual return even if you have not used meat baits or caught any target species.

If you need assistance with this service, contact the NatureScot Licensing Team.



  • 01463 725 364
  • Voicemail service. We aim to respond within 2 working days.

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