Standard Forestry Operations

Use this service to apply for a Standard Forestry Operations licence if:

  • you want to fell or harvest within 20 metres of badger setts that are currently in use between 1 July and 30 November
  • no vehicular access or heavy machinery will be used within this area
  • your proposal meets the licence conditions (opens in new tab)
  • you are responsible for carrying out or overseeing the operations

Applying takes around 10 minutes.

Before you start

Guidance on badger setts and current use can be found here (opens in new tab).

If you need assistance with this application, contact the NatureScot Licensing Team.



  • 01463 725 364
  • Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm (except public holidays)

Find out about call charges (opens in new tab)

What is a badger?

"Badger" means any animal of the species Meles meles .

What is a badger sett?

"Badger sett" means any structure or place which displays signs indicating current use by a badger.

What is current use?

The presence of field signs such as bedding, fresh spoil heaps, signs of recent digging, hair, latrines, or footprints in or around the potential sett or evidence of badgers entering or exiting the structure or place in question would indicate "current use" of the structure / place by a badger.

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